Our Vinyl Care Service

Our expert Vinyl Stripping and Sealing service can have your floors looking like new again in no time.

We are able to strip back your floor coverings, polishing them to bring back their glossy finish, and we can also apply a sealing coat to help keep them looking great in the future.


Vinyl Stripping

Our expert vinyl stripping process involves us identifying the specific type of floor covering that you possess, and then evaluating the most efficient and appropriate method of stripping back the surface of you flooring.

Our Method

There are literally hundreds of different types of floor vinyl on the market today. We evaluate the compounds that make up the vinyl that you have. This identification process is essential so that we can then choose the correct type of pads or brushes to apply to our specialised rotary floor buffer to provide a consistent, and smooth scouring action to the vinyl floor.

Once we have stripped back the floors surface to remove all scuff marks, dirt and grime, the surface is now ready to be polished.


Vinyl Sealing

To protect your vinyl flooring from future damage due to foot traffic abrading the surface of the vinyl, we recommend that a we undertake our specialised Vinyl Sealing service to provide a barrier to your floorings surface.

Our state of the art machinery and sealants work in conjunction with each other to ensure that your vinyl flooring retains it’s clean, smooth and shiny appearance in the future.

Our sealing process involves the following steps:

  1. Stripping back your vinyl to prepare the surface for sealing
  2. Applying an initial coat of sealant to the surface
  3. Polishing the surface to ensure that there are no lumps of excess sealant which can give your flooring an unsightly textured (lumpy) look
  4. Then repeating steps 2 and 3 until sufficient sealant is applied
  5. Then performing a final, high-intensity polish to bring out the natural lustre and shine of your vinyl.