High Quality Upholstery Cleaning

We provide fabric cleaning and stain removal services to suit all types of furniture coverings, from the finest leather, to the most delicate materials.

We are highly trained to be able to identify different types of fabrics, and to employ the best method in getting them clean. By understanding the different needs of different fabric types, we can avoid damaging delicate materials such as wool and silk.

Lounge Chairs (without cushions)

A Lounge Chair Without Cushions Fully Steam Cleaned per Seating Capacity

Lounge Chairs (with cushions)

A Lounge Chair With Cushions Steam Cleaned per Seating Capacity


1 Standard Size Recliner Fully Steam Cleaned

Cleaning Methods and Techniques


Upholstery Steam Cleaning

We offer a specialised stain removal service that can remove up to 99% of unsightly stains from your upholstery.

Our superior products and techniques means that we can lift stains that other upholstery cleaning companies can’t.


Leather Cleaning and Restoration

A good leather lounge can cost as much as an entire household of carpet, sometimes more!

By getting Andersens Carpet Cleaning to come and perform our upholstery cleaning services on your precious leather goods, you can help protect your investment in the future and have your leather refreshed and restored to its former glory.


Fabric Protection

By applying our upholstery protection technology, we can provide a barrier so that the oils and dirt cannot penetrate the fibres, which in turn, makes the cleaning process easier and much more effective.

This protective barrier also aids in repelling stains from the spillage of food, liquids, and other foreign materials.


Upholstery Odour Control

We offer a great odour control service that can have your musty chairs, lounges, recliners and mattresses smelling clean and fresh.

Due to our anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal protection, our specialised odour control system doesn’t just cover up the smell, it eradicates odours at their source! Ridding your home of pet, biological and urine odours.


Mattress Cleaning

By their nature, mattresses are natural homes for dust mites that feed off the skin that we shed every day. Body oils and sweat can also penetrate the mattress fibres leaving it smelling musty and looking soiled and dirty.

Andersens’ Carpet Cleaning offers a fantastic mattress cleaning service, utilising our hot water extraction cleaning system, it will have your mattress looking great and smelling fresh. You spend a third of your life asleep in bed, so why not have your mattress as clean as it possibly can be?