Tile and Grout Services

Our specialised cleaning method can have your residential or commercial tiled areas looking as good as new in no time!

This method is undertaken with the following steps:


Step 1: Inspection

The first step in our process is to carefully inspect the tiled area to be cleaned in order to determine the best process for cleaning your floor.

Step 2: Removal of all furniture and obstacles

Next, we carefully remove all furniture and obstacles from the area to be cleaned so that we can have full access to the entire floor area.

Step 3: Vacuum of the tiled area

We will perform a vacuum to remove all loose material such as dust, dirt, grit, litter and hair to ensure that the area is prepared to be cleaned.

Step 4: Application of tile cleaning solution

We then apply our specialised solution to the tiled area. This solution aids in the removal of materials that have partially bonded to the surface of the tiles and grout, helping to loosen them in order for us to remove them in our next step.

Step 5: High-pressure and high-temperature tile and grout cleaning

Our state of the art truck mounted high-pressure, high-temperature cleaning equipment provides concentrated water to the targeted area with no splashes, no mess, and no standing water.

Step 6: Drying of the cleaned areas

We then dry the area to remove the majority of the moisture, and then set up our specialised air moving equipment to blow dry the floor until it is fully dry and ready to walk on.

Step 7: Furniture replacement

The last step in our process is to replace all the furniture that we removed from the tiled area, leaving it just as you had it before we arrived, only cleaner!

Tile and Grout Sealing

To help protect your floor in the future, it is recommended that it is sealed to help repel liquids, oils, dirt and soils.

Andersens Carpet Cleaning offers three great options for protecting your tiled floor:


Option 1: Natural Look Grout Sealing

Our great natural look sealer will protect your grout from the penetration of liquids and oils that can cause discolouration and stains. The natural look sealer will leave your floor looking as it is naturally (no change to colour or texture) but it will provide a barrier of protection.

Option 2: Natural Look Tile Sealing

If you have porous tiles such as sandstone, terracotta, or even concrete, we can apply our natural look sealer to protect them from liquids, oils, dirt and soils that may penetrate the tile and cause discolouration and stains from forming. If you would like your floor surface to look newer for longer, then having it sealed by us is the best way to achieve this.

Option 3. Wet Look Tile and Grout Sealing

If you would prefer to have your tiles have a glossy appearance, then we can apply a “Wet Look” sealer to your tiled area. The wet look sealing system looks great and also protects the surface from future stains and discolouration.